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Fire Alarm Parts
Notifier, Siemens, Cerberus Pyrotronics, Edwards, Simplex

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  • Pull Stations
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Duct Detectors
  • Covers, Guards, and accessories

Fire Alarm Parts

Hard to find and discontinued fire alarm parts make it difficult to repair an older system. Repair facilities for circuit boards, and replacement parts for many manufacturers eliminate the possible need for system replacement.

Ability to offer repair/ replacement parts for: Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Cardkey Pegasys, Siemens/ Landis System 600, Simplex, Siebe/ Barber Colman Network8000, CSI S7000 and I/Net, Cerberus Pyrotronics System 3, ADT & EST IRC-3, and FCI
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Pull Station Cover: only $59.99
Simplex 4098-9710 Pull Station: only $89.99